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RACE has acquired two of Boston Dynamics’ SPOT robots. We talk with Oliver Huke, the RACE Robotics Test Facilities Manager, about the new arrivals.

through its paces

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ITER reviewing the IRTF work carried out by RACE in k3. Could we get a picture of Mickael showing ITER people the work which has taken place? (IRTF is cutting and welding work)

ITER Robotics Test Facility

The ITER Robotics Test Facility (IRTF), hosted at RACE, is a technical collaboration between ITER Organisation and UKAEA. The first Implementation Agreement (IA) was signed off in 2017 and there…

ITER Hot Cell

ITER Hot Cell Industry Event

The ITER Hot Cell is vital to the success of what will be the world’s largest fusion reactor. Fulfilling the requirements, when they are released, will take a collaborative effort…